Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your healthcare?

We offer alternative options to support your primary healthcare needs here in Omaha, Nebraska!

Are you experiencing any of these things…

  • Do you continue to feel worse and that your chronic illness is progressing?
  • Are you missing work and not being productive?
  • Do you have less time for the things that matter most to you?
  • Are you concerned about missing warning signs of something more serious?

We can help!
We provide these services so you can feel confident, empowered and vibrant!


Discover the ROOT CAUSE of your illness and work toward REVERSING it, OPTIMIZING your health NATURALLY.

  • Ages 19 – 64
  • Comprehensive holistic evaluations
  • Advanced laboratory analysis
  • Lifestyle coaching- nutrition, supplements
  • In-office and virtual appointments available

Pricing – Functional Medicine

Our functional medicine program goes beyond Primary Care for when you need lasting change to your health. We put together customized wellness plans for each of our functional medicine patients with timelines to ensure consistent progress.

  • $500 – Initial One Hour Consultation
  • First follow up also included
  • Personalized Functional Medicine Programs
    • Advanced laboratory analysis
    • Personalized healing program design
    • Access to wholesale pricing on advanced labs* (average savings of 30% off each test)
    • Close follow ups to ensure you are progressing toward your goals

*Advanced laboratory options: Saliva adrenal analysis, advanced gut microbiome analysis, organic acid analysis, food sensitivities, advanced cardiovascular lipid testing.


FAQs - Functional Medicine

How is functional medicine different than conventional medicine?

Functional medicine is a systems biology approach that strives to find the root cause of symptoms in a body or mind that is not functioning optimally. Conventional medicine is very good at diagnosing disease and treating it often with medications. Functional medicine can intervene when one has symptoms of suboptimal health, but doesn’t have disease yet. Conventional medicine is often siloed to only treat certain body systems, for example- kidney doctor, thyroid doctor, heart doctor. In functional medicine we look at how each body system is intertwined and how one system could affect the other. It is a more comprehensive, holistic approach, and best equipped to optimizing overall health.

Why won’t my insurance cover functional medicine?

Most insurance plans don’t think the advanced testing we do in functional medicine is “medically necessary” so they don’t cover it. The time we spend analyzing your results and coming up with a program to help you is not covered either. We spend more one-on-one time with you throughout the program helping you trouble shoot and tweak the program so you can reach optimal results.

How do I know if this program could be right for me?

This program is designed to help the following person: Someone who doesn’t feel good in general, has tried many things to feel better, has been told by a medical provider that their labs were “normal”. We specialize in those with fatigue, chronic GI complaints, and thyroid disorders. We believe food is medicine. So this program is right for someone who is willing to prioritize healthy eating or at least willing to make some diet changes. We often use supplements. The ideal patient would be willing to take supplements.



It's here!

1 hour session – $100 and discounted packages available.  Click here to get more info…

Oxygen is ENERGY.

By INCREASING oxygen and atmospheric pressure, many physiologic benefits can occur.

  • Increase energy
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Improve circulation
  • Decrease pain

WANT TO LEARN MORE? To read more about the research supporting hyperbaric oxygen use and the conditions that can be supported with hyperbaric oxygen click here.


  • I went in for a comprehensive consultation and through a series of tests discovered I have a gluten intolerance. With Cassie’s guidance I changed my nutrition and have never had more energy or felt healthier! Thank you!

    Mackenzie B.

    Patient Since 2019

  • I came to Transformative Healthcare to try and understand what was going on with my sinuses – they were able to help me start a new treatment plan and I’m breathing better than ever!

    Blake B.

    Patient Since 2019

  • Cassie listens. She cares. She desires for you to transform your health and to truly become well. She doesn’t want you to just mask your symptoms but works with you to create a plan that fits you & your life. And Cassie did just that for me… my life is completely changed because of her guidance, knowledge, and desire for me to be well! Through alternative methods, I can honestly say that I am in the best health & shape of my life!!

    JR D.

    Patient Since 2019

  • I had my first appointment with Cassie just a short while ago. I am sooo glad to have found what I’ve been looking for!… A wonderful blend of patient care, medical knowledge, and alternative options. Her bedside manner and care is outstanding!

    Tami K.

    Patient Since 2019